About Pente Net
Thanks for your interest in Pente Net!
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This web site was built to make it easy and fun for you to play Pente against your friends, no matter where they are in the world. Pente Net was created by the volunteer efforts of a hard-working Pente enthusiast, for the enjoyment of other Pente enthusiasts and novices alike. The game, accounts, and advice on this site are offered free of charge, in an attempt to spread a love of the game of Pente across the world wide web and around the globe.

If you want to know how to play the game of Pente, start by reading the instructions.

Many common questions about this site are answered below...

Do I play against a bot/computer/AI on this website?

No. Pente Net was designed to let two human challengers compete against each other.

Do players need to be online at the same time?

No. The Pente Net system keeps track of each game and can notify you when it is your turn. Players can make moves when it is convenient for them.

CAN two players play online at the same time?

Yes. Although this site was based on the principles of chess-by-mail (in which distant players make a move, send the new board positions to their opponent, and then wait for a counter-move), you can “refresh” the view of the board at any time to see if your online opponent has made a move.

So players can compete from different locations. But can two people who are together play a game here?

Yes. At Pente Net You can play Pente head-to-head on one device. When playing in this way, it is not necessary to have an account, nor are wins and losses tracked. Play head-to-head here!

Do I need an account to play?

That depends. To compete against a remote opponent, you need an account in order for Pente Net to keep track of your game. To play against an opponent who is with you, using a single device, you do not need an account, and can play head-to-head.

How much does it cost to play here?

Nothing! Accounts are free. Games are free. Moreover, there are no advertisements here—because who wants ugly, distracting ads when trying to concentrate on strategy?

Keeping track of wins and losses—what is that?

Pente Net will keep track of the number of wins and losses you hold against each player, as well as store all moves of your past games, so that you can assess your level of play and track your progress through time.

How many games can I play at once?

When you have an account, you can play many games all at the same time. If you have an opponent who moves infrequently, start new games to challenge more friends to play with you. That way, you're likely to always have a game waiting for your move when you log in to Pente Net.

I still have questions! Where can I get more information?

Try the Frequently Asked Questions page. If you still have questions, you can contact the webmaster for answers or more information.